Complete the finishing touches to any room with our bespoke made to order curtains and blinds.

Add an extra layer of warmth or soften a window with our range of designs and fabrics. Our team at Unique have over 40 years combined experience and knowledge. We are happy to advise on different curtain and blind styles as well as offering a selection of decorative finials, curtain poles and tiebacks to complete the look.

Below, we have put together some key points to consider when choosing curtains or blinds. If you still have any questions then feel free to give us a call so our team can advise and make suggestions that best suit your needs, or alternatively visit our Heacham showroom to view our extensive range of fabric swatches and to chat to us in more detail.

Blinds or Curtains, What should I choose?

Blinds will save you space as there are no poles or holdbacks, so are ideal for smaller rooms or when space is tight.

For rooms with moisture in the air such as kitchens or bathrooms, blinds are often a better choice as they will not take up as much moisture or kitchen cooking smells.

With blinds you also have more control over how much light you would like let into the room. Think about the direction in which each room faces, if a room is very sunny in the morning then blinds or roller blinds can be opened right to the top.

There are many types of blinds available, with our most popular being Roller and Roman blinds.

Decide if you want your blinds to sit inside or outside the window recess. The inside recess gives a neater, tailored look but it’s important to measure that it’s deep enough to fit the blind into the gap. If you’d like to make your window appear larger you can fit the blind on the outside recess.

Curtains are great for keeping rooms warm in winter and cool in the summer. They can be used as the main feature or talking point of your room, or simply blend in to give the room its finished look.

All curtains hang better if they are lined and will improve insulation in the colder months. A lining can also make any patterns or colours appear more vibrant and will protect the curtains from fading by sunlight. We stock curtains with different types of headings such as pinch pleat, pencil pleat and eyelet.

Nets, lace or voiles can be used alongside curtains to offer privacy while still letting through a soft diffused light.

Curtains will either hang from a track or a pole, and this will dictate the length of curtain you need. The curtain pole should be wider than your windows by approximately 15-20cm either side.

Accessories such as tiebacks and finials will add the finishing touch to your curtains. Tiebacks come in useful for holding back heavy or wide curtains.

For more information and our full range of styles, Contact us here.